Help with multiple swfs

I was hoping somone could shed some light on a project that I am stuck on. Ill quickly give you the low-down…:

I have a main interface as my main movie.
In that there are four main departments.
I have prepared four seperate swfs for those dept’s and obviously when it is selected from the main screen I want to load it on a layer above.
I have also prepared a transition from my main movie to the dept swfs.

What I need is for the frame at the end of my transition to know which of the four buttons I have pushed and then goto the corresponding swf.

I know this probably sounds simple but I am still finding my feet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.:slight_smile:

Easy as pie.

Have the buttons set a variable. Something like


then on the timeline which is transition you just need the loadMovie method to use the gotoFlag in it’s url reference.

If the transition is built into the main timeline then you could call