Dilema - get loaded in swf to goto frame label on main timeline?

I have a button that is loaded into my main movie at level 2. in my main movie on the timeline I have a frame label called guestbook. I want my button, when released to go to trigger the frame label.

on my button i have the script:

on (release) {

Obvously this does not work because it references the wrong timeline so i tried:

on (release) {

thinking that somehow it would see the parent swf and work - haha - me and my dumb ideas :slight_smile: of course it doesnt work.

do you know how i can get it to work. Perhaps i should mention that the button that loads in at level 2 is inside a movie clip (for reasons of animation)

anyway enough ramblings
Can you help me?

thank you. I will of course keep answering other peoples questions when i can as a reward for your help in this matter