Help with paths

My main question is about paths - from the through the main stage to running a function on the other as file.

I have a dynamic xml menu. The menu is in a class file. Great menu but I’m trying to add functionality.

Right now, if I press any button or sub button, it takes me to another URL. Problem is that, instead of going to another address, I want that button press to run a particular function on the main stage. In an ideal world I would put all of these particular functions on a separate class file with each function making the stage do various things - i.e. add/remove particular children, move MC’s around, add swfs, etc.

Can this be done? Should this be done?

something like

//function on

function makeSomethingHappen(event.MouseEvent):void
//find the particular clicked button
var buttonClicked = _xml.item[]//this works - gives me something like //"about"
 //I know this is a reach. 
this.parent.buttonClicked+"()"; //????

What I’m trying to do is get the menu item id and use that item id to dynamically run a specific function with the same name sitting on another separate .as file.

Is this crazy complicated when there is an easier something to do instead?