Newbie help: Create/Run Functions from xml attribute?

Is it possible to pull a function (and run it) from an xml attribute?

I have a dynamic xml menu with lots of buttons and sub buttons

function subButtnClick(........

if(String(_xml.item[].subitem[][email protected]) != ""){

trace(String(_xml.item[].subitem[][email protected])); //returns the fn attribute -  in this case, "aboutUs()" - when the "about Us" sub button is clicked. 


How can I take that string value of “aboutUs()” and make it run as an actual function within that same if statement?

What I’d love to do is place a boat load of functions that each allow me to manipulate the stage in different ways - creating different page looks - on a separate imported “”. Each menu button click returns the “fn” xml attribute which is then magically run as a particular function from, finally then, manipulating the main stage.

Is this possible? Is there a better way? I really like this little menu but it wasn’t built to manipulate the flash stage rather take you to another URL.

New to As3…and programming in general…having a hard time.
Hope someone can help or point me in the right direction…