Help With replay button

Ok here is the deal i made a simple 4 scene flash movie and at the end i put a replay button. now heres how i did this replay button, : i made a box, took out the text and type in the word REPLAY and then attached it to the box, then i clicked the box went to the action menu and clicked on Goto, i put to go to scene 2 and type as frame and frame # as 1. now here’s the problem, when i test the movie right at the end of the movie the replay button doesn’t stop so the user can click and replay, it jumps right to the begining of the movie where i have the preloader instead of scene 2. whewwwwww . it can’t be the action script cause i checked and its fine no error.
If anyone can help i would appreciate it. now i’m going to continue to bang my head on the wall… :block: