Help with rollovers?

asking for someone

I have two buttons in which I am trying to enable movie clips to play on various events. On rollover, I’d like to play one clip and stop at the end (action stop on last frame), on rolloff a different clip also stopping (same stop action in last frame), and on release two different URLs. I swear I have the action script set up right for this, and have even created invisible buttons over the visible ones to isolate these actions. The action script looks like this in one of the invisible buttons:

on (release, rollOver) {
tellTarget (“website fade in”) {
gotoAndPlay (“begin movie”);
on (release, rollOut) {
tellTarget (“website fade out”) {
gotoAndPlay (“begin movie”);
on (release) {
getURL (“”);

What ends up happening with this set up is I see both repeating and crossing each other (looping even with a stop command at the end of each clip), and the URL release is not working. All my tell targets are set up with labeled instances. I’m hoping someone sees a fault here, something obvious I am overlooking.

's far as I know, you can’t have the same action twice on the same button, so you’d better take out the 1st two onRelease;
also, try writting this in dot notation (if you use Flash 5), like
webSiteFadeIn.gotoAndPlay(“begin movie”)
No other ideas so far…tell me if you get it to work.

thanks, I will

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll continue tonight to try variations as you have suggested. The actionscripting should be ok stacked, as long as I’m not crossing multiple events (I have rollover, rollout and release presently)…at least as far as I know, but I’m teaching myself and am flying via tutorials on, devshed and other net resources.

I’ll post the results tonight or tomorrow, and other suggestions welcome.

Thanks again.

ps - I should be clear that the scripting posted above is for one invisible button hit area instance; the second button has a different location in the scene and its own scripting.

Ok WM I did remove the extra releases, but still have the same issues, trying some layer stacking ideas. Also, I’ve heard I can build the movie clips into the original buttons themselves with an extra layer…yet when I tried this I had no clips playing at all. Perhaps more work in this direction may be the solution.

Does it matter if the invisible button is over or above an existing button? Will one impede the performance of the other, or does Flash see both at once (as it does with multiple layers in the same frame)? I assumed I was ok using two buttons in the same space…perhaps this is the problem?

Thanks for your patience and help.

flash only registers the top button of two stacked buttons.

Supra is correct. If the hit spot of a button resides in any way over another button, the one on the bottem will have it’s hit spot covered up, and it will be unusable.

The concept with MovieClips is pretty easy. A movie clip exists, if it is in a frame which is active in the player. So, if you have a movie clip located in the first frame of a button, and it has no stop(); actions in it, to keep it from playing, that movie clip will play on the main timeline so long as there is an instance of that button on the time line. By the same token, if you have a M/C (movie clip) in frame 2 of a button, it will not show up at all unless the user has his mouse over that button’s hit spot. If you have a M/C in frame 3 of your butto, then it will not show up unless a user presses his mouse button down, while over that button’s hit spot.

remember that a movie clip in a button, which has a stop(); action on it’s first frame, cannot ever be made to play. you cannot target a button with play(); actions, so therefore, the movie clip inside the button is also impossible to target.
If you wanted to do that you’d have to place the movie clip on the stage separate from the button, but have the button call to the M/C to do things instead.

thanks all, let me see if we can get this worked out;)