Help with scaling and centering entire website's window

I really need some specific and direct help with being able to scale and center the window that holds my website, as a whole.
There is one perfect example, @
which creates a window that pops up that is centered and in the very middle of the computer screen.

If there is a tutorial or specific directions in helping with this, I’d really appreciate it…as I am a beginner with all of this within Flash and using ActionScript.

If anyone can help with applying the sound and the sound bar/selection buttons on the referred site, that would be wonderful as well. Thanks so much.

Thanks so very much!
and God Bless you :slight_smile:

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The referred website:Calvin Richerdson

the centred window is done using javascript, there are plenty of tutes out there about doing this, use google for a start.



Oh dude can someone tell me how they made those scroll arrows on the about page. I really want to know!

well, it isn’t really javascript.

to horizontally center the flash, just use <p align="center’>

to vertically center the flash, just use a table and make the td height 100% and for valign, use middle. would be a very simple example. look at the source code.

hope this helps

no its done with javascript

just view his source. theres the html page, and theres a file called popups.js with the script in it.
(copying it is stealing; reading it and making your own with the help of other sources is not)

textfields have a .scrollposition property. you can increase or decrease it on button press.
i find this is an excellent resource.

Heh thnx dude! I’ve used it in my website. Really nice. Since the scrollbar component was removed out of flash mx 2004 I made all my pages by loading different .txt files in a text box. With this I can load one text file in a textbox and just scroll through it.

BTW Is there a possibility to make a slider with that? So you can directly scroll down to the section you want in stead of pressing the scroll button a couple of times?

Please, does anyone know how to do that? THNX!