Help with Senocular's Preload next image gallery!

This is from senoculars website (thanks a bunch for the great turtorials and help!) From my somewhat limited understanding of the AS, the next image is preloaded and waits until the button is clicked, and then swaps depths with the first image… I am trying to use this gallery, but have the image on top (one) fade out, so it would reveal the image below. But would it be easier to keep the swap the same, but alpha fade the second image from 0 to 100? I tried (and will keep trying this) but if someone could give me a hand, it would be great! Thanks.

// baseurl to use to locate images based on SWF url not HTML url
var baseurl = _url.substr(0,_url.lastIndexOf("/")+1);

// create and position empty clips for images
// one for visible image, one which will be 
// used for preloading the next image
this.createEmptyMovieClip("one",2); // on top
one._x = two._x = 0;
one._y = two._y = 0;

// clips represents the clips with images
clips = [

timeline = this; // allows reference to timeline from other clips
// images is an array of the names of the images being used
// this is for file referencing as well as status display
images = [
// GetFileFor returns the file path for an image
// given its name
function GetFileFor(name){
	return baseurl+"preloadnextimage/"+name+".jpg";

// Preload checks to see if a clip has been loaded
function Preload(clip){
	var lod = clip.getBytesLoaded();
	var tot = clip.getBytesTotal();
	if (lod && tot){
		var percent_loaded = lod/tot;
		progress_mc._xscale = 100* percent_loaded;
		if (lod == tot){
			status_txt.text = "Preloading complete for "+images[0];
			return true; // is complete
	return false; // is not complete

// PreloadNext is used as an onEnterFrame event
// to check the loading of the current image and 
// reorders the arrays so that the first element
// now represents the next image/clip
function PreloadNext(){
	var is_complete = Preload(clips[0]);
	if (is_complete){
		clips.push(clips.shift()); // shift order of arrays
		delete this.onEnterFrame;
// FirstLoad is like PreloadNext but loads the first image
// adding in a status message otherwise handled by the next button
// and starting the second image to load when complete.
function FirstLoad(){
	var is_complete = Preload(clips[0]);
	if (is_complete){
		status_txt.text = "Preloading "+images[0];
		this.onEnterFrame = PreloadNext;

// next_btn.onPress shows the next image if preloaded and starts
// preloading the next one using PreloadNext as an onEnterFrame event
next_btn.onRelease = function(){
	if (this.onEnterFrame){
		status_txt.text = "Please wait for "+images[0]+" to complete";
		return false;
	clips[0].swapDepths(clips[1]); // move preloaded image to top
	status_txt.text = "Preloading "+images[0];
	timeline.onEnterFrame = PreloadNext;
// initiate loading of first image
status_txt.text = "Preloading "+images[0];
this.onEnterFrame = FirstLoad;