Help with spinning button

Hey Everyone. Newbie at Flash here. Ive been reading all the tutorials and posts on this site for a couple weeks and making minor progress, but Im stuck on this and cant seem to find any info that applies? Needless to say, my A.S. coding is weak. :frowning:

I want this button to be stationary in its smallest state until you mouse over it, at which point it would spin and expand, remaining spinning and full size until the mouse moves away, then spinning back down to its original state. I’m not sure if I’m even going about this the right way? Ive made 3 seperate avi clips but maybe 1 continuous motion clip would have worked as well?

If anyone can help me on the coding or push me in the direction of the appropriate tutorial I would be very grateful. :beam:

The fla is too big to attach (342kb) so it can be found here.