Help with spinning button

Hey Everyone. Newbie at Flash here. Ive been reading all the tutorials and posts on this site for a couple weeks and making minor progress, but Im stuck on this and cant seem to find any info that applies? Needless to say, my A.S. coding is weak. :frowning:

I want this button to be stationary in its smallest state until you mouse over it, at which point it would spin and expand, remaining spinning and full size until the mouse moves away, then spinning back down to its original state. I’m not sure if I’m even going about this the right way? Ive made 3 seperate avi clips but maybe 1 continuous motion clip would have worked as well?

If anyone can help me on the coding or push me in the direction of the appropriate tutorial I would be very grateful. :beam:

The fla is too big to attach (342kb) so it can be found here.

Hey Freddythunder, thanks for the reply. I had to put this aside for a few days cause it was drivin me nutty. But the answer to your questions is… I dont know. Words like easing, and dry spinning still arent apart of my vocab yet. I dont even have a clue as to if this should be made as a button or a movie clip, or if its even possible at all? I briefly toyed around with the _up _over and _down frame labels but that didnt seem like it would work. Heres what I’m trying to get working:

I made a 3d ball that morphs outward and spirals into an avi clip, which I’ll link to below. There are actually 4 different states this button or movie needs to do and they all have to work using a rollover and rolloff of the mouse. The first frame is a still shot of the small orb, then you rollover and it plays the expansion part and holds a loop at the spinning part until you rolloff and it would contract back to normal and stop .(I think thats 4?) I’d like it to spin in the same direction for all actions so I dont think reversing it will work? I’ve been reading code for days now but I’ve got a long way to go before I can truly comprehend any of it.

I know my project is way to big to actually be used as a button on a site, Im just trying to grasp the mechanics of how this could or should work. Any hints or help as to what specific steps should be taken would be great, my confusion levels have reached an all time high.

link to .FLA example: 80kb (no script, you’d laugh if there was)
link to AVI sample: 596kb

I attached the .swf example from the .fla (sorry bout the cruddy graphics, was a quicky.) Thanks for any help or ideas.

oops, attached it here.

Holy @#!$!!! I got it. Blind idiocy and dumb luck prevail. Thanks to anyone that took a look. :slight_smile: