Help with swf popups - NEWB

Could someone instruct me on how to create a popup from with an swf, and not html. you can see an example at my site ( It initially opens in html on index.html. But I link to an swf (called enex.swf) to kick off my flash site. I have it this way for asthetic purposes (it is rescaleable this way with no scrollbar at the bottom). Here is where the problem comes in. I have links to other swf’s which serve as samples of my portfolio. They open in full browser windows, whereas I want them to “popup” in properly scaled windows. I know how to do popups using java and html, but not from swf. Is this possible? If not I would be willing to publish enex.html (vs enex.swf) if I could make it resizeable without scrollbars in the window. Please help!!!