How do i open a new swf in a browser pop-up window?

In my main movie there is a button that when clicked should open a new browser pop-up window containing a new swf. the pop-up window should be the same size as the swf’s movie size.
I need to know how and what html files will be needed on the server to post all movies.

Any help is much appreciated…
Thankyou very much.

try this tutorial:…window.asp

That should help…

i followed that tutorial and it honestly didnt help [sorry krup] so i asked kirupa personally… and after an hour of him teaching an idiot = me i got it… so if you can’t get it to work… ask me and i will send you a sample html file.

the javascript tutorial was informative. although, i need further help. i am not just trying to launch a page with a web address, im trying to launch a page with a swf.

the javascript method launches a page but the page is not showing the swf, is not resizing and it is still showing the browser’s tool bar and scroll bar.

any other tutorials or advice.

Why can’t you embed the SWF on a standard HTML page? You can tweek the javascript to not show the browser buttons and location address.

i cant post what i wanted to… i was gonna post the txt from my html file but ezboard is sluttish and wont let me.


Try going to Macromedia’s site (Developer section I think) and download Macromedia Extension Manager.

There’s loads of 3rd party things that are a bit like SmartClips and appear in your COmmon Libraries section in Flash when you’ve downloaded them.

I got one called easypop-ups 2.5 and it gives you a library of buttons that you place in your FLA and then they open up new windows from Flash. They are fully customisable - you can choose what content you put in them and how big they are, whether they have toolbars etc.

BTW, you’ll need to publish before trying it out - just pressing Ctrl+Enter and then trying it always seems to make Flash crash!


Try going to and downloading their extension manager and downloading easy pop-ups 2.5