Help with table inside a frame inside a table

the table won’t show up.
heres the structure
i have a page with frames to get stuff where i want it then i put a frame in a cell, linking to the page home.htm in home.htm, i have a table. i did this because i want to be able to control the frame through flash, and direct it from home.htm to contact.htm or whatever. will someone look at my code and tell me why it’s not working?

why werent you able to control it through flash? i looked at your page, and am not sure what you are trying to do

trying to get the bottom two cells of the table controlled through flash

Im not too sure what you’re trying to do either. Frames and tables are different. Yet you seem to be talking about frames in tables… that isn’t possible (except with iFrames)

If you are trying to load a page in a frame with flash you just set the target of the GetURL to be the name of the frame you want it to load in. but your site isn’t using any frames?

Im confused…