Help with the 'Infinite Menu' tutorial

Hey all,

I have just completed the ‘Infinite Menu’ tutorial in the Flash MX tutorial section on this site. I have got it working and I like the result.

If you aren’t familiar with the ‘Infinite Menu’, here’s the link to the tutorial:

I was just wondering if it is possible to tweak the code, so that when you enter the website that it will be displayed on, it is already moving slowly along, right to left? As it is, when you enter the website, it is static and doesn’t move until you mouse over it.

This is the code I have used to make my menu move:

onClipEvent (load) {
	xcenter = 372;
	speed = 1/50;
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
	var distance = _root._xmouse-xcenter;
	_x -= (distance*speed);
	if (_x>0) {
		_x = -1723;
	if (_x<-1723) {
		_x = 0;

If anyone could give me a hand, that would be swell,