Help with the XML Flash Gallery tutorial?

Alrighty, before we start I would like to say I am definately not an ActionScript type of person, which makes it difficult for me to work this all out. I prefer the “making things look nice” side of it all.

I’ve went though the Flash Gallery using XML tutorial and the one with the thumbnails added, got it all working wonderufully… the problem is that I have no idea where to start editing it to my own needs.
I’ve tried deleting things and changing lines and stuff and it just doesn’t like me touching it, a helping hand would be nice. :slight_smile:

So what do I want to try and make happen?
Its probably quite simple, I have the XML file, structured like it shows on the tutorial, only without the descriptions or thumbnails, so thats out of the way, no need to touch it until I want to add new images.
Now all I need is to get Flash to display them scrolling along from right to left continuously (eg the thumbnails tutorial without the mouse interaction and then repeating). One nice little thing would be if the images could get bigger when the mouse went over them, but not in a seperate place, just scrolling along. I just can’t quite figure out among all this code which pieces are making the images display and which parts I could get rid of after making this happen.

I could probably work out the scrolling and the size changes myself but because its got the XML stuff to look at and its got to load it, my mind just suddenly can’t cope. It could be I will come back to this tomorrow and all will make sense but I doubt it.:d:
Face your worst nightmare and give me a hand?

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me or points out a silly mistake I’ve made.