Help with this action script, im sure theres a simple solution

Help with this action script, im sure theres a simple solution.

This script is taken from the Flash Ticker component, and i wish to add a function to it. I wish to add a click to get url function to the lines of text that can be highlighted.

must be pretty easy to do, just that i am a actionscript newbie!

Ive uploaded the file for you to take a look at it.



hi there,

ur question was not clear, so how about you try to be more specific, and maybe i can help u. and just in case u did not notice, the file u posted is empty.
try to reply soon, i’ll try to help

good luck

yep, the .zip file has a .php file, a .swf file and a .fla file. But when you open the .fla file, there is nothing in there.

okay, what is it that u want to do , exactly

If you open the .swf file you can see his example.

When you mouseover the sections they highlight orange. What he wants is these each to have a getURL function to open up pages. Which does sound pretty simple, but without a .fla to see the actually coding used, we can’t fix it (or maybe it isn’t as simple as we think)

i got ur point. i guess there is nothing we can do to help fix his code, so the next best thing to do is build him a code that would do what we think he wants.
i will work on it now. if u think it is a good idea, stick around and take a look at the fla i will post in a fiew minutes, just in case i still did not get it.


Keep in mind his text and everything is loaded dynamically through a PHP file.

okay, i did not know that. so i think i will not build the fla, but what i recommend, is that he uses (transparent buttons) that load in the exact location as his text but on top off them, and he places his function in the transparent buttons panel. i think this will do the trick. sorry but i am using a piblic computer and it does not support php. if my suggestion does not kick in , then i will try to build the fla as soon as i gety home.
do u think transparent buttons will work? they should

What I was thinking was to just HTML enable the text and use standard HTML link tags. I don’t know if that will work though.

lostinbeta, chick ur private messages plz.

apologies guys, the file is now there. I dont know why the file was empty, but it is there now.


BTW, At the moment I am looking at all the text to just goto 1 url, and not individual links, although i may want this feature in the future.