How do I hyperlink this stunning text?

Hi all,\r\rPlease help me if there’s a way to hyperlink this “stunning text introduction” in flash 4 tutorial.\rI’d like to be able to click on the text to link to some other pages. Here’s the path for that:\r\…textfx.asp\r\rThank you so much\rRich

Make a button, making the button the hit area and not your text to give it a viable hit area. In your actions window look for the geturl command under basic actions. Then in sequence; On Mouse Event/GetUrL; After you have placed those commands inside of the Actions window, click on/Select GetUrl with your mouse, so the little text input box opens (I am going by memory as I only use flash 5 now) in that text box place your URL, makes sure it is complete with the, you can choose whther it opens in a new window or the window they were in when clicking, choose what you want and that shold do it. Hope this helped!\rpj

HI,\r\rThanks for the reply. I am still not sure how to do it. I mean how to make a link in the “stunning text introduction” provided by Kirupa in flash 4.\r\rthank you\rRichard

Richard,\r Heres how to get your answer if you haven’t gotten it already. Put kirupas name in the title bar and ask him in Flash 5 Froum. Sometimes certain area get overlooked but I know he always checks there.\r\rpj\r:cool: