Help with ...Tour of Duty

Yep i know i always talk about war movies!!

But does anyone remember the legendary tv war series called Tour of Duty?

Well these days its hard to find the videos, so i went on amazon and they had this link

I would do anything to get that on DVD, so if sum of u guys dnt mind, pls type in ur email adress coz that way we will be voting to get the TV series on DVD =)

hahahah! I LOVE that show… they show it couple of times a week on History Channel in Canada… That show ROCKS…

I know History Channel always sells their stuff… try see…

history channel? i have that too, ill have a look!!

nice footer, u fit right in this thread :beam:

lol, yeah , but I dunno if u get the Canadain History Channel!

Thats where it was on!

I’ve seen it on US’s history chanel as well. Though rarely. Never really got into the series. I have been meaning to give it a look though. War stuff is usually on the bottem of my list and get’s shrugged off for other things.

interesting footer their david!!
is that a character from poser by any chance??


i’ve seen that once…a long time ago on the history channel lol.
Nothing else was on so i checked it out hehe.

seems like they play it on the history channel a lot! i have never sen it, so i better have a look!!