Red Dwarf: The Movie

I noticed the good Reverend’s obsession with Red Dwarf, and just wondered if he’d heard of the movie currently in production. It was supposed to be out this winter but there’s been delays I think.

according to the official site…

the movie is is pre-production at this time, and is due out in the winter of 2003…it was delayed due to “economic situation and mood of the world.”

and yes, I am kinda obsessed…:stuck_out_tongue:


Ah man, who could not be obsessed with Red Dwarf! I love that show =) Such a great show =)

I love British Comedy =)

British comedies are quite hilarious. The only ones that I have seen a lot are the shows that come on PBS. Are You Being Served is one my all time favorite British comedies.

Kirupa :cyclops:

I am such a freak… :slight_smile:

I have a Red Dwarf watch…

and I can sing the theme song…:o

I have all 8 seasons on tape…plus I Tivo them every week (I must have seen each episode at least 10 times)…

And I laugh each time!:stuck_out_tongue:

Have you caught Chef, w/ Lenny Henry?
hilarious…especially if you have ever worked in a kitchen…:stuck_out_tongue:


Never heard of it! Hmm… can you send me a tape? Or can someone tell me when/where to watch, just so Im not out of the loop?

in what geographical location do you live?



I always looked at that in revs footer and couldn’t figure out where I have heard it before. Now I remember, I used to watch that show because it was the only thing on at 4am here! They don’t play it anymore (or moved the time and I just don’t know when), but it was a really good show. It was so funny!

That is why I love Tivo…

I tell it to "go find the “Boyz from the Dwarf,” and it records them for me…:cool:

then I can be a geek and watch them whenever I want (which, as a coincidence Lostinbeta, is around 4 AM):stuck_out_tongue:


4am is such a great hour :stuck_out_tongue:

When I worked as a chef, it was my afternoon…I got off work (in Hawaii, anyway) @ 1:30 AM, <u>if</u> everyone showed up, and nothing went wrong…:*(


That is a very odd break time :-\

I used to have a .3ds of Starbug…

I will have to look and see which CD?:elderly:


Say what?

a 3d studio max wireframe of Starbug, the little green shuttle they get stuck in for a while while they search for the big ship:nerd:

I’ve said too much:bandit:


OH OK, I didn’t know the name. I thought you may have replied in a wrong thread and that was meant to go somewhere else.

Well isn’t the starbug just a bunch of balls?

pretty much, with some spider legs…:stuck_out_tongue:

just a couple years ago that would have been cool:bandit:

I’ m an old fart…


Nah, I am just a “youngbuck” :cowboy:

It was the first thing I imported into Swift 3D (they came to SF once to give a demo) and such, but it came out to an unuseable file size…:frowning:

especially back then, with basically no broadband available…:frowning:

no tears, please:(

no, no, please:(


Well now we have cable modems. And we would like to see this :beam: