Help with transition effect

Hey, I need help for a transition effect.
IM trying to blend pictures in and out when buttons are clicked on the nav in flash. just having trouble executing anything nice.

tryin to make somethin like this.

thnx a lot

I dont have much experience with this, and the best answer i can give you right now is to keep experimenting till you ‘execute something nice’.

perhaps you could be more specific as to what nice thing you are trying to execute?

i’m not quite sure what you mean, but do you just want things to fade in and out? that’s just an alpha tween… make sure the thing you want to blend has been converted to a symbol, and then do a motion tween and adjust the alpha…

is this what you wanted?

or you could always follow the “transitions” tutorial on this site!!!

i think he wants the detailed finely done transitions that appear to be a lot of 3d or cg movies they placed in

its motion tweens and shape tweens with adobe after effects added