Help with xml cue points and flv

I created a presentation that loads flv’s and images (the images are based on cue points from an xml file)…

Everything works great, but how do I trigger the cue point if the user scrubs through the video?

this is the code that works when the flv has reached a certain position that’s equal to the xml cue point:

//this is within the same function that shows the elapsed time of the video, progress bar, etc.
var current_flvPosition = Math.round(ns.time);

for(i=0; i<cuePoint_arr.length; i++){        
    if(current_flvPosition == cuePoint_time*.attributes.time){
        //trace("HIT CUE POINT  = "+cuePoint_time*.attributes.time);
        var cuePointSlide = cuePoint_time*;

…that was pretty easy to figure out, but how do I make the scrubber work with it? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated… :slight_smile: