Help! Wtf?

Theres someone in my computer. They call themself trinity. They keep changing my backgruond and stuff. Its screwed up. THeyre making my life hell and i wisht hey would seriously stop.

What should i do?

referrr to this post:

ahhh they can read my IMs

Sounds like a stupid trojan. Update your virus scan, unplug from the internet, and run it. Set up a firewall or something that watches your ports.

i think theyre gone now. crazy crap i say.

my virus scanner isnt installing correctly. :frowning:

they were changing my background and stuff, exiting my aim. they tried to close this box before i posted this thread but i posted in time.


That’s some crazy, creepy crap man.

word dude, may want to format

i need mr.internet program :frowning:

wait i think i have the install file for that =-o

theyre sitll here even though they said they were gone.

LMAO Hahaha… Get a firewall… Sounds almost like your friends would be doing this… I mean… yea hackers can get into it and everything and control remotely… But… If they do that… I dont know many who would be concerned with changing your background… Only looking for information really… Unless they are just having some fun… which very well could be. You should get your virus scanner installed! and a Firewall!

i gotta go install it in safe mode cuz they said it doesnt work because of them, but i think it wasnt working before that. But it works in safe mode. Reccomend any free firewalls? i have one that came with my AV.

ok im installing this stuffs brb

Just unplug your modem, save your important stuff and reformat man. Or do whatever else it takes, but try to unplug your modem so they can’t stop you from doing it :thumb:

Continue to read this thread on another computer.

If it still happens after you’ve disconnected, then it’s someone on your LAN playing tricks on you. Go beat him. If not, great - it’s someone from the outside then, and now he can’t access it anymore.

Check your logs to see what you downloaded, who sent you what and what you opened - this is screaming “Trojan ! Trojan !”, and trojans can only work when you open a file which you think is safe, but which in reality isn’t. If you’ve figured out what caused the trojan to be installed on your system, do a virus scan on that particular file. If your virus scanner detects it, it’ll show the name and you can start looking for an anti-tool.

Locally connect the comp to another, but make sure the comp you’re connecting it to has a firewall and virus scanner installed to block and spread attempts. If possible, execute the tool over the network, to prevent malfunctioning due to the trojan. If not, just execute it on the trojan’ed comp.

If you have windows xp, install service pack 2.

The firewall will be turned on by default then, and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Also, make sure you have a password on your account AND THE ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT. Turn off the guest account and delete any extra accounts that you don’t use.

Then run adaware and spybot search and destroy.

If security is still a concern, invest around $25-40 and get a router :slight_smile:


SP2 won’t solve anything if it’s a trojan. This is over-obviously a trojan.


i made a new account

anti virus still wont install

exits half way through

ahhhhhhhh this sucks

ahhhh now internet being mean

What did we just say about being online? :td:


trojan or you have remote desktop enabled…

do what everyone else said and make sure remote desktop is disabled…should find by right clicking the “my computer” icon on the desktop and selecting properties - then look for the “remote” tab…

SP2 won’t solve anything if it’s a trojan. This is over-obviously a trojan.

I’m not sure how trojans work exactly, but don’t they have to access the internet??? With the Windows XP firewall from service pack 2, won’t it pop up and ask you if “trojan.exe” can access the internet or if you want to block it?

Installing service pack 2 may not solve his problem, but it certainly won’t hurt him now will it.


Actually, it may. Numerous problems with SP2 have been reported, all due to the obsessive security. Besides, the trojan is already allowed to access the internet, and SP2 is the last choice to make when dealing with viruses and trojans - specialised software is needed for that.

Yeah, a similar thing happened to me a while ago… back in (what I thought was) 1999. This person came into my computer while I was asleep at it with my headphones on. After following a white rabbit, I met the hacker and found out that her name is Trinity - probably the same person that is in your computer. Anyway, after taking a red pill from this bald guy, I went into another world and fought various enemies and helped free thousands of people from captivity. Two failed sequels later, I died a pointless death and ended up where I am now: lurking on KirupaForum.

-Thomas Anderson.