Hi all im new to flash 5 but im getting it down preety good,but the thing I was wondering,HOW THE HELL DO YOU INSERT FLASH INTO FRONTPAGE 2002!
I’ve tried everything,I put the .html and .swf files in there and nothing comes up.
If someone could be kind enough to maybe give me a step by step,I would appreciate it.Thx

bump (I don’t know the first thing about frontpage. .but some here do.)

It should really be as simple as placing the html embed code into your html document in front page and then uploading the swf and the html to your server. As a default, when Flash publishes, it assumes that you are going to have the swf in the same folder online as the html page.

Thx man.I didnt know i had to have the server first.

No no no no, you don’t need the server first. Look for tutorials here about that.

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To simply and clairify this process, I suggest you publish from Flash a small test page with a trivial demonstration movie on it. Call it test.html, or something simple like that.

Then, take a look at the resultant HTML code.

Next, In your FrontPage application, set up a link to test.html from, say, your index.html page.

Then, as upuaut8 suggested, upload to your webpage server, the page you created with FrontPage, the test.html page you published from Flash, and the test.SWF of the trivial demonstration movie.

I recommend doing this to familiarize yourself with the process. Bear in mind that it’s easier to begin with if you keep all of these html pages and the swf in the same directory on your server.

After you get an idea of how Flash publishes HTML, you can then proceed to the process of inserting (cut-n-paste) the html page Flash publishes directly into the HTML output of your FrontPage application, in the appropriate place. All that is needed is the HTML between the OBJECT tags from the Flash output.

Again, I recommend that people get some familiarity with basic HTML first, and then go on to a WYSIWYG editor. Also, it is critical to maintain the same directory structure on your local hard drive as you have on your web server. Thereby, you can do almost all testing (except for external links, or course) on your home system without going online.


well…since I cant post the code here…go to the page I made on my server……hope it helps!

You guy’s are da best!
Thank you,thank you,thank you!

Hey no problem…we love helping others :slight_smile: Again, feel free to post any problems you have, big or small :wink: