please help…anyone know how i can chop a picture up into a bunch of rectangles or squares and have them move randomly from left to right and meet up at the end and create the original picture? (flash mc) i don’t know if i should use photoshop/illustrator/fireworks? any help is appreciated…thanx

Use any image editor that allows you to “slice” your images into 4 sections. I use Photoshop.

I am not completely sure about the AS part otherwise I would kill two birds with one stone (well I don’t believe in killing birds, but you get the point).

thanks for the reply i will go try to slice it up in photoshop right now…

Hey, no problem Storm. If you have anymore questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

<B>EDIT:</B> I deleted your other thread on the same subject. Please post only 1 thread on a topic. It clutters when you do multiple threads, and besides, it gets confusing to answer because someone might have already said the same thing in your other thread.:slight_smile:

ok well i feel kinda ignorant, but after the actual slicing…what do i do? i tried to save each piece as a different jpeg but, well that did not work…i do not know what to do with my sliced up pic now…

Don’t feel ignorant. To save each image as a seperate image, slice your image and then go to File/Save for Web… (or something along those lines). Mess around with the settings in there to optimize, etc. This will Export each image seperately and create a .html file with an image map of the 4 image. Since you won’t need the .html file, you can just delete that.

ok thanks…a question from your reply…well those html files you told me to delete, what is the purpose of them? for each slice that i make is it possible to give a rollover effect once the picture is put all back together? if so do i have to keep the html file thing?

The html file is of an image map. An image map is when you slice your images up, they are put back together in tables using HTML. So if you open the .html file, all your images will be pieces back together to look like one full image, when it is really a bunch of seperate ones.

The only use of that HTML file is if you want the image map.

oh ok thanks again

Glad I could help:)

for the movement, you could randmize it (making sure however that it is always in a positive _x direction) then once the pieces cross a certian _x value (ie are a certain number of pixels away from propper destination) you could have them move to preset cordinates. This would work I think, but I dont know how it would really look… LostInBeta??


I was actually thinking about using a getTimer() function combined with random movement.

That way the pieces will move randomly for a set amount of time, and then after the timer is up, they all slide into their proper place.

well since i am trying to get this done i took the easy way out and just kinda gave all the pieces different alfa settings and made them come in and out instead of left to right…

Whatever works!:slight_smile: