Need help

i’d like help with this thing i’d like to do. I am trying to chop a picture up into a bunch of rectangles and have those rectangle randomly move from left to right and meet up and create actual picture, is that really complicated? i guess the first thing i need help on is how to chop a picture up, then the next thing is the random moving thing…any help is appreciated…thanx

as fas as choping it up, just use photoshop or the like and creat different jpegs

as for the other parrt… I am a little unclear on how you want them to randomly move to come together to make an orderly picture (from left to right too)… could you elaborate or post a link?


well i don’t have an example i haven’t seen a website that has something similar (although i am sure there are)

the entire thing is to take place in a rectange that is like 5inches wide and about one and half inches tall…and the chopped up pieces should move from the left side and meet at the right side but on their way i don’t really want them to look like they are in line one after the other just waiting to get into their places in the puzzle

so they will all start outside this ‘box’ and not be visible then come into that are from left to right - and in doing so you want them to move around at random (in different directions) then all eventually end up in their respective loactions making up the final picture? yes?