Helpful Debugging Class - dPanel

I’ve created a little class to help with debugging. It’s called dPanel and its used to monitor variables in your Flash apps. This is useful for monitoring variables which change constantly like, for example, the frame rate of an application.*

It’s lightweight and is very easy to use. A full demonstration along with the class itself can be found here;

I hope you find it useful!

  • I know you can already use the Hi-Res! Stats class for monitoring the frame rate and other things - I just used the frame rate as an example. Interestingly, My class has one advantage over the Hi-res! Stats in that if a display object is placed above the dPanel you can reposition the dPanel at the top by hiding it and showing it again.

Also, I’ve actually posted this before under the name of Dark Viper but as I’ve relaunched my website I thought I’d post it again :slight_smile: