Here is my footer... I hope

Well, let’s see if this will work or not…

can someone help me, I copied this code off one of these forums but it dosent work?

Am I doing something wrong?

Read this thread: Welcome to the forums ! :slight_smile:

It looks like you’re trying to link to an .html file instead of an .swf ?

yes, my hosting people say they can support .swf’s but it is just a blank page. While I was sorting this out I thoght I might be able to export it as a html (from flash) but that dosen’t work either. Does anyone know if I could quickly and easaily put the html version as my footer?


BTW I’m going to try the .swf version again…

Yay! It Works!

Tanks again

Please say what you think

I got a new footer and avatar too :smiley:

I like it, nice idea

If your footer says “Spanky”, it’s bound to be good :wink:


it says sparky, not spanky :wink:

If you click the letters like it says to it is. :wink:

oh lol, I was clicking the k to get an n :smiley:

silly me :stuck_out_tongue:

the “r” becomes an “n”, not the “k” :smiley:

I cought that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When I did this I was suprised at how many real (or slang) words actually came out

Hehe =)

…but it’s gone again :frowning:

Has it? I still see it…

…and now it’s back.

It’s a magical footer! :!:

EDIT: Yay! 200 imaginery dollars! :party:

I’m still fine tunig this one (that annoying var) so I think I’ll put my old one back.