Here's mine :)

View my latest game here:

Not exactly Flash guru like but… oh well.

This has something to do with a grid??? :-\

Anyway is cool, but i guess it should not be there.


you’re the owner of newgrounds??? coool!!!
i’ve been going to your site for years!!!
i didn’t know you were a member of this site’s forum.

I love you dbz dressup games!!! (read my username)

Ummm, he isn’t the owner of! But I think it was a pretty sweet game! Nice Sketches and I love the shooting part!

No no no no no no no !!! I’m not the owner of any Newgrounds! I just put my projects there! Dude don’t you even know what Newgrounds is all about?? What, you think you have to be the owner of it to put your Flash stuff on it??

Well sorry,
i never looked at who does what for the site. It was a guess…

ive played this on NG before already, coo game. i didnt know so many people jbew about NG :o

i loveded you piggy… i loveded you!!!

[ EDITED by dan4885 ]: This post was utterly deleted for bad taste in words…this is your last warning!