Heres the outline thingy

its a person hitting another person over the head with a chair.
im sure you all could do better but its my first attempt. wotchya think?

oops wrong sizes. il do it agen.

should be okay now…should!!!

i really like that. was that a traced movie?

yeah it was traced…it took ages and there is like only 31 frames in it…the after effect wen its done is good but it aint half boring doing it

Reminds me of s’thing that was on TV a long time ago (at least in Europe), of a man coming out of a line…hard to explain, but it was funny…forget it :slight_smile:
I’ll try to do one, so U c’n see what I mean…
Looks cool…and like a lot of work!


I’ve just been discribed to, another way of doing this which is easier. Using photoshop to pretreat the images before import.

I’ll try to write up a little discription for this. I think it might enhance what you’ve already accomplished.

Thanks for sharing. I really hadn’t thought of doing that until you mentioned it.