Hey all

Haven’t been here in a few days. Just relaxin’ with the wife all weekend. But [SIZE=4]inevitably[/SIZE] i came to a question i need to put the kSqad on :stuck_out_tongue:

A very good friend of mine had a website…DanSully.org specifically. I’ve done webdesign work for him in the past(haven’t in a while though) and we became quite good friends. He emailed me tonight because his domain expired and his registrar/host is being quite rediculous about the whole thing. Anywho, he’s looking for a good cheap host and domain registrar. Nothing too expensive(think he’s used to paying around $7/mo) as his website is a small portal for his spoken word art.

My question: Would y’all mind posting your favorite hosts/registrars and what you like about them? Also, any warning would be nice.

Thanks all! :stuck_out_tongue: