I need a domain

Just a quickie, Im useless with domains and all that malarky. Im about to get a .com for my new portfolio. I dont think i want any thing fancy. Any thoughts on what’s best these days to register with and host it? thanks in advance.

Edit- ooh yeah, and how much would i expect to pay for 2 years host and register? Cheers all.



Definetly go with www.godaddy.com :thumb:.

Yeah I like it too.

hmm… I have always had a friend with large server host my sites… so I am always hosted for free with unlimited space. I would be lost if I didn’t have him. As far as hosting goes.

<A HREF=“http://affiliate.doteasy.com/index.cfm?M=red&B=3&T=185477&A=alexm525” TARGET="_blank">Doteasy.com</A>

I have been using godaddy.com for like 1 year now…no problem at all and they have answered my questions fast and effectively :wink: (that sounded like a commercial :P)



only $20 a year!!!

Godaddy is like $8 and dotster is $15 So Doteasy isn’t a good choice.

well just to let u all know… godaddy.com lives right around the corner from my house and my dad works with them :smiley:

That means free domains man, free domains :bad:.

actually my dad did get one. www.guidone.com

but theres nothing on it yet. they still offer discounts to us :smiley:

dotster is bomb for registering…www.dotster.com

for hosting 1and1, unflux and brinkster

http://tntpowerhost.com best hosting . 5 bucks a month.:slight_smile:

I have about 100 domains registered with Hostway.com. They have great customer service and their admin panel is very easy to use. They’re also only about $7 a year for the domain.

For hosting I would go with one of our fellow members. Help support the community. RedGolgi or Unflux… anyone else host?

www.siteflip.com for hosting and domains through them. It’s the cheapest you’ll find, and it’s amazing service, plus tons of features. The registering even allows you to manage all of your domains from one page (IE change dns/parking/etc). Only $1 a month for hosting, 100 MB Space + 1 GB Bandwith.

That is so cheap. $1!?

Wow, thanks for the response all. I like the sound of a few of these, I’ll check them out soon, im just about to go out. But i’m also happy to pay a dollar or two more to support one of you guys…