Hey Eilsoe... (designer wanted)

Hello there.

Take a look at this (click on the movie to get focus, use left right and space to jump):


The dude was an animated gif, so I used each frame of the animation for the running effects.

I wanted to do a side scroller with a dude, different levels, and some villains along the way. I can do the coding but the art, well I’d rather concentrate on the coding, and my art is not exactly my strong point.

So if you can do a hero like this one - the running sequence is smooth with about 5 or 6 frames to run:

Click here for an example

I would need running, crouching, jumping, maybe draw (as in pull out) a weapon, punch kick, etc, hurt and dead. Alot, yes I know, but I’ll put your name on the credits for graphics and this could go in your portfolio.

Also eventually villains, background etc.

Let me know if you or - if you’ve got other things, then anyone else is interested.


sounds interesting… :slight_smile:

Still, I have a project running at the moment… so it wouldn’t be right now.

Maybe we can get some more people in on this, creating characters like this is REALLY a tedious task. It’d be a lot easier if we have more people with us.

Yes I know, it is, especially getting the consistency in each frame. So anyone else want to join in?

I’m in (of course)…

All we need is more people (dudeman, i.e.)…

I could try and help you, but my strong point is really pixel art and such… Especially isometric pixel art… Let me know if you need any of that stuff!

POWERUPS!! Flex, we need pixel-art for powerups!! (-:

GrzKax: Sure - pixel art is excellent - have you seen the streetfighter games?! As eilsoe said the smaller things would look better in pixel art - the game dimensions are going to be around 700 x 450. Let me know what parts specifically you’d like to do so I know who would be doing what.

cybergold gave me some art in a fla and I put the coding into it:


The robot hovers, but in this game it would be an animated character. He would also shoot, and maybe different weapons.

*Originally posted by eilsoe *
**I’m in (of course)…

All we need is more people (dudeman, i.e.)… **

Where is dudeman - I did the code in his fla for him from scratch and left him a pm - hasn’t been in touch.

Well anything you would normally be able to pick up, like weapons, power-ups and extra-lives… Just give me some limits/ideas and i’ll see what I can come up with!

Flex: He was online yesterday, he posted in the “most wanted ps effects”, or something like that…

I have his name on icq, he’s never online though…

Hmmm. I’m trying to come up with a theme for the game cartoony, sci fi, not sure - it would depend on that.

Stuff like:

Weapons - pistol - great big elephant gun, etc.
Little critter villains, like from the film critters.

Obviously have to limit it - start off small and see where it develops, and I don’t want to make this tile based - so I’m going to have to watch the speed of the movie.

If you have any samples let me know.


*Originally posted by eilsoe *
**Flex: He was online yesterday, he posted in the “most wanted ps effects”, or something like that…

I have his name on icq, he’s never online though… **

Hmmm. Maybe he doesn’t want it then. I’m sure he’ll be in touch if he does.


or maybe (MAYBE), some new members aren’t aware of PM’s and the fact they have a userCP…

just maybe…

He read the pm - I checked with pm tracking.

So any ideas - I want to keep it cartoony I think. The first thing I’ll need is the dude. Hmm this is going to be alot of effort I think.

What!! I’m here! :smiley:

I’m so on every day… I use trillian so it probally didn’t autho you Elios! :frowning:

Flex I thought you meant you finally got to working on it and it will be done in a few… oops :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello dudeman. I presume you’ll read the thread about the game.

So people, this is what I’ve been working on so far. I got the sprites and background from the net - just modified it - like I said I want to do something original with no borrowed graphics. I can do the code just not the graphics.


The game will be like that. Side scrolling. Dude runs, jumps shoots, gets stuff, etc. etc.

Use right to go right and up to jump - that’s all there is so far.

And don’t forget to click on the movie to get focus.

whatever i can do to help

pass on the EXACT details of the look, feel, and size of the graphics you want
im sure mad people will work onit an help u out ---- includin myself

Hm… whaat?

Not the pm… bah I’m confused, what thread?