Hey everybody here is a thread with my games if u wanna play

My first fully workign game is called Protect your castle.
all you have to do is click and that summons 1 guy and everytime you click summons another.
the point of the game is to kill as much as you can and get the highest score
before your castle gets destroyed.
here it is http://www.kirupa.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=28321&stc=1

and i have another game called sheep sniper
the name explains it and if u want to know the instructions i een made an instructions icon. ps the score system ins’nt working but ill be trying to fix that.

and my last 1 4 now is zombie sniper … its justa rip off of sheep sniper.
ps. i havent been bothered 2 put a score system in this.

i would like to know if u think my games r good (take in mind i’m completely self taught no books or teaching and i’m 12 years old).