Hello everyone -

Having worked freelance for over a year now I am beginning to get a bit of work in and things are looking good.

However, my strengths lie in the DESIGNING and not the developing of sites. Often I turn work away because it has too much of a technical edge - which is something I would not have to do if I could share my work with a web programmer!

So if you tick the majority of the boxes below (there are no boxes really, it is just a figure of speech), get in touch via email - colin at yellow60 dot com and I am sure I can put a fair bit of work your way!

  • Are you great at AS?
  • Do you know how to create online shopping carts that interact with Flash?
  • How about music? Do you like electronic music?
  • Is PHP simple pimple to you?
  • Do you reside in the UK? London? Northamptonshire? Kettering?
  • How about XHTML and CSS? Are you able to hand-code?
  • What is MySQL anyway? Are you the person to explain it to me?
  • Old films are better that modern blockbusters - discuss.

I hope to hear from you sometime soon! Thanks in advance! I have a couple of jobs lined up already!