Hey JUBBA! I got a question for ya

I was going through some threads and noticed one of your footers. It is a black one with an Explosion to the left and some duplicated text to the right.

How did you do that exploison:q:
DO you mabye have alink to a tutorial or some thing. :smirk:

I’m guessing you mean this one right?

I can whip up a tutorial tonight on how to do it…Not too difficult, but I have a paper to write so I kind of need to do that first…

Thats the one
No problem. When ever you get a chance. Thanks :slight_smile:

Here it is:

Open a new document with a height and width anywhere from 800-1000 (I use 1000 because its easier to start large and then resize the image).

Fill the background with black. Use the lasso tool to select a circle in the middle of the canvas approximately one-third the size of the canvas.

Filter > Noise > Add Noise:

     Amount : 400
     Distrubution : Gaussian
     Check *Monochromatic*

Unselect so the lasso circle is no longer there.

Filter > Blur > Radial Blur:

     Amount : 100
     Method : Zoom
     Quality : Good

Do this at least twice. More if you want, but twice produces a less smooth feel later on.

Duplicate layer and make it an Overlay.

Select the new layer

Filter > Distort > Twirl:

     Approximately 350 in either direction. Really a matter of preference.

Create a new layer, and select Color for its Mode. To get the final colors I use a dark orange. For this example I used #A1771C. Use the Paint Bucket to fill the entire layer with this color.

Now merge all the layers. And apply one final filter:

Filter > Stylize > Glowing Edges:

     Width : 2
     Brightness : 6
     Smoothness : 2

Hope that helps.


let me know what you think…

Wicked. I would try it out but I’m at work and my internt is down at home right know. I’ll get back to you when I do it and show you what I come up with. Thanks for taking the time to make that tut man. I know you are probably busy so thanks a lot.

Thanks man:)
Tried it out and it worked perfect