Hey Kirupa.. hope you give me a hand in this

i got my fireworks page exported and stuff… then i oopen the exported file in frontpage… i was able to allign the page to be centered… but was not able to set it in the middle.??? how??
i tried everything!!! everything!!LOL… i bet it is something simple… even though i ste the cell thingy tto middle as the vertical allingnment… it would not accept it and go back to default!!! shouldn’t be soo hard… don’t know where my mistake is at!!!
in conclusion… anything i do in fireworks, i cannot manage to set it in the center horizontaly and in the middle vertucally on the screen… if it was flash… then that would be easy as hell!!
PLZ help!! thanx a bunch!

Hey TiMbAlAnD,
One suggestion I have is to try to use the Include Page Component and insert the page into the center of a cell. First, upload your fireworks page to your FrontPage compliant server. Go to Insert| Web Components.

Select Included Content and then Page. Browse for your fireworks page and insert it. Instead of having your page appear as an editable portion of HTML, you will basically see a layer. You can drag the page that was inserted by dragging and dropping the page to its intended location. This method of inserting the page might enable you to center the page vertically and horizontally in a cell without having to worry about any native code that Fireworks may have included!

blink blink blink blink…
what to say… i’ll see what i can do…

thx for your quick reply man.

you the man…