Hey Math Geeks!

I need you!

So I’m trying to work through the logic on how the new rating system should be for COLOURlovers.com. The current model doesn’t work as it is solely based on averages. A Colour could have 100 ratings for 8 and be rated less than a colour with 2 votes for 9.

Two important pieces of information I want to gather from ratings are:

1.) How popular a colours is right now.

2.) The trend that colour is on compared to how well it rated last month.

What is the best way to do the scoring? 1-5 star option? 1-10? Yes or No? Etc.

Also, how do I parse the votes to get an understanding of what is popular and compare it to it’s historical scores?

I know this sort of stuff probably gives somebody a stiffy, but it makes me want to kill myself. Please help me make the math demons go away.