Hey.. smarties please read :)

Grr… it didn’t accept a .fla so I had to press back and my whole **** message got whiped… :-\

Ok I’ll keep it short and simple since I’m in a bad mood right now…

I attached the flash for you to disect. Its supposed to be a fake chat which, a parody. When I finish it I will touch it up, I just can’t finish 2 parts.

1st part = Making a sound each time a key is pressed.
Lets say I would log-in, a sound would play each time I pressed any key, not a specific key… e.g. the user is aklsjdsd99, I wouldn’t want to make a button on a, on k, on l, etc it would be a major pain.
I tried if else, and its not getting me anywhere.

Is there a way I can get that in a normal action script?

Problem 2 = This ones bugging me… Every time a user would press enter (button) it would submit an input to a dynamic text box, saying whatever the user said, but it replaces whatever was said previously.

How could I make an actionscript that would just add instead of replace [without using tons of framework]

Ok download it and tell me your thoughts…

I downloaded it and I’m looking right now, it should be a quick fix, so expect and updated reply with the new source file soon!

kk thanks heh… was about to post “lets move to my topic!”

Ok well I am busy at work and just had time to fix the text box problem with the text being replaced but I can fix whatever I can later, here is the updated file:

Login Chat Update