Hi all. Preloader and Transition stupid question

Hi! I’m a newbie in this, I don’t know any actionscript, and I was trying to build a website using the preloader and transition tutorial. Here’s my question:
The external swf’s are preloaded in the main movie, which simply stops and waits for the loading. while its stoped, I can’t make a preloader bar to work in that frame. how can I work around this?
I know this is got to be simple, but I can’t get it to work… :d:

Thank you in advance for any help.

If you mean what I think you mean you simply need to tell the preloader which level(s) it is preloading, i.e; _root, _level0 or whatever the level is.


How do you go about having the preloader load first and then start up the movie. The preloader I added only starts after the whole file is downloaded. You only know it’s downloading because it says so in the Status Bar with no help at all from the Preloader I put in.

Do I have to have two swfs? One for the preloader, that loads the larger swf? I didn’t see any code for that.

Please let me know.

theres no such thing as a stupid question (flashwise) :slight_smile:

Unless the question itself is “how do you spell flash” :).

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Lol I went for the ancient look. And thanks.

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Could you post your .fla?

Heres an fla for preload+transition, hope it help.