Preloader to external movies loaded into MC

I posted a thread a while ago and got alot of good hits how to solve this but I must be dense or something ´cause everybody except me gets it.

I can´t get the preloader to work on the swf:s that are loaded into my MC called holder. The loadbar won´t work and the textbox that shows the procentige loaded don´t work?

I´m givin´up. My last hope is that some of you kind souls out there might pity me and do this for me and maybe then I would get it ( and then maybe not ). Yes I´m beggin´you to do the work for me bowing head in all humbleness.

I´m attaching the fla that I´ve been working with as a start swf to load my swf:s into and please please help me or I have to use an preloader in all my swf:s and that is no fun when I now it is doable in a much more cleverer way.

Ok, lots of ppl have been asking for this. Ive tried something here, can u check if it works?
I used 3 exteernal swf’s, 1 preloader and 1 transition movie.

>>> <<<

Yes that works but there´s no loadbar is it? But other than that it the same thing I´m trying to achieve.

Nah, i thought of just using a loading animation…
Man, it took me a few hours to get this working

How do you get the “main movie” to stop and wait for the swf to be loaded into the MC and then when fully loaded continue to play. That is how you did it or?

Let me try to explain it… i have a main mc and 3 external mcs.
On my main stage i have a transition mc which includes the loading animation and a content mc, where the external mcs will be loaded into. Whenever i click a button, i assign a value to a variable(so the preloader can actually know which file im trying to load), start the transition sequence and let the preloader do his job. Thats the idea ive been working on.
Id like more ppl to test it, if it really works, ill improve it and post the fla here

Ok I didn´t quite get that but I do look forward to you posting the fla and maybe I could modify that to suite my fla.

Ok now all of a sudden I get it and that´s almost the same as I done it assigning values to variables and that´s what dicides what movie is loaded into the MC. My problem is that I can´t get the preloader to respond to the loading swf in my MC?

Yes, dat is kinda tricky… check my file, maybe it will help you.

If any1 wants to test it for me, heres the link You can also download the file there. Any feedbackl will be apreciated.


Aha I see you put the action for the preloader in the MC. I haven´t tried that maybe that will do it! I´ll have to sleep now zzzzzzz but will get right to that in the morning when I wake up

Hope you get it working man :slight_smile:

Nope didn´t get it to work so I´m using a lame _root.gotoAndPlay (); statment in my loaded swf:s instead and a boring static preloader in my main movie. Thanks for you help Claudio maybe in a couple of years I may understand this but now it escapes me.

What you didnt understand man? Maybe i can help.
The source file didnt help at all?


I understand your code but my fla is built in another way and I think it will be to much work to redo it to be the same as yours. I´ll attach the fla incase you feel like taking a look at it.
In the loaded swf:s I just put

[AS]_root.gotoAndPlay (“out”);[/AS]
To make the main move move on when the swf is fully loaded.

Yeah ive checked ur fla but its very different of mine.
I dunno how to preload external files except for the method i posted b4.

Thanks anyway I will figure this out one day but for now it takes to much time. So the next time I´ll build my transision like yours :wink:


You’re welcome! Good luck with ur project


Are you having problems understanding my code Nasir?

yes … what i do is load the movie with loadMOvie action like Kirupa’s tutorial. But when i use the same in a preloader;s code the bar doesn’t work !