Hi and already asking for help

Hi everyone, I’m kinda new here and also to flash, so I hope my constant questions don’t get old…anyway, here’s the first. I’m trying to make an intro to a website which includes the ray of light effect. I have the rest of the intro finished and I have the movie clip of the ray of light finished, but I cannot make the movie clip play inside the intro movie. I think I’m missing some actionscript. Any ideas?

Place the movie clip in the main movie, and select it. in the instance panel, change it from a movie clip to a graphic, and set it to play once. You will need to make sure there are enough frames on the main timeline for it to play completely. This is how to make it happen with no A/S. If you want to use A/S to make it work, I can not help there. =)

Hope that helped…

Did you use the tutorial here at kirupa to make the effect?