Hi *prize give away*

how come it’s been so long that I’ve had a gmail account and I still don’t get to give away invites? am I just blind and have lots or does it take like 3 months

Yes it’s Britney Spears ;), if i am breaking some rules, i can remove it if it bothers…

Eberth - Eh… Uma Thurman > Britney Spears :stuck_out_tongue:

bombingpixels - I think it may be related to how often you use your account. I usually receive one a week, but a while ago, when I redirected about 200 messages from hotmail to gmail, I got 8 at once. I could be wrong, I’m only one person after all. Maybe someone else has had a similar experience?

ok, I’ll tell all my friends to send me span :stuck_out_tongue:

btw, if you want to send me spam too… it’s [email protected]

[SIZE=4] :mu: Britney Spears[/SIZE] [SIZE=7]>[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]Uma Thurman[/SIZE]

Jennifer Lopez > Britney :cool:.

Zeppelin > U2 & Aerosmith > All

Good one BP :sure:.

I know

Agreed. But Uma Thurman is still > Britney.

i.e. Zeppelin > U2 & Aerosmith > Uma Thurman > Everyone else > Britney

Actually my grandmother sings better than all of them.

Heard of her? Grandma Spits?

No :scream:? Oh well, time for a cookie.

Uma Thurman sings?! Wow. I was talking about general coolness, but it’s all good. We can add your grandmother to the list then.

after u2 and aerosmith works, wait a minute… I forgot the beatles… they can go with u2 and aerosmith, and that’s the end