Hi *prize give away*

havent been here in a while and just think that kirupa is a good place for me to hang out. so how is every one been doing.

to make up for the time i havent been here i am ganna give
away a cuple gmail invites

so reply to this and think of a goodreason and i well give you a gmail invite

make sher you post yer e-mail address. 1st. and last name. and the reason duh!

i can invite 6 people people now google is being very nice so far.

i am a lil shook up from the earth quke that just hit

well today it is real. cheack yer e-mail.

I´m still a newbie around here but I really want one of those, anyway, if u feel in a good mood maybe :wink: here´s my email: [email protected] :slight_smile:

crossing fingers

gmail? … Hmm I think I need filling in.

Hello I am new to this place but just was wondering if you had any left I would be extremly grateful for one been trying to get one but dont really know how. Thanks

cheack yer e-mail for the invite. it may go to yer junk filter.


If on the off chance you have any gmail invites left, i would love one and i would love you forever and ever if you chose me :slight_smile: (yes thts scary)

I use google ATLEAST 100-150 times a day maybe more…I couldn’t do most the stuff i do today without google lol not sure about anyone else but google is probably the second most visited site for me (kirupa being first ofcourse) I nearly died today when google went down! http://www.kirupaforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=59766

So if you have any [email protected]


well, if ya still have any left i’d appreciate a hook-up :)… let’s see… why? cuz i’m sick and tired of microsoft trying to rule my world (hotmail… )… plus i mean 2 mb? what are they tryin to pull… my homepage is google, only search i use, so i mean why would i not want email from there? it’s like the ultimate site with free email AND the best search engine ever.

hmm let’s see… so my name is Adam Jarvis… and i care… :love:… and i’d really care for a gmail account… let’s see, why else… well, i’m supposed to be studying for exams right now but instead i’m on here asking for a gmail account… that’s gotta be worth sumthing… hmm it appears the gmail would be the best choice, by the looks of it a lot of other places are deciding to up their ante because of you guys… it’s all about bein the origional nice guys tho with the mega-space. i mean i personally am sick of deleting messages every 2 weeks from hotmail just to keep under the stupid limit of 2mb! wow talk about billionare and how cheap 'ol bill still is :sure:

hmm so a bit about me… i’m from good old Winterpeg up here in Canada (so google.ca is my home’r… go canada!) i like to… be on my computer… hang out with friends… play badminton… play guitar… i dunno lots of stuff.

so the main reasons i want this? well, first it’s google! :D… it’s lots of space… my friends will be jealous (as you posted somewhere :)), i’m sick of hotmail, and hey! why not?

if you are so kind as to honor this request… [email protected] (blah! stupid hotmail…)

thanks for listenin!

no reply… eh? bump :cowboy:

I didn´t got mine :(, well, at least I try, but maybe later who knows! :smiley:

Nice Ethan. :stuck_out_tongue:
Let the birds go!!

Give me a E-mail!!! :stuck_out_tongue: I need it!!!

I would love one if someone would be kind enough to present me with that gift.

Anybody got ebay? Go there, they’re bidding them for like five bucks. The last winning bid on one was 6.15 USD. There’s about 5000 left (today that is). You guys must really get a lot of email.

i just want one cuz of all the hype… and to say i have 1 gb of email :)… i’d never pay for one tho :huh:

So it’s the hype, huh? No wonder you lost your hockey team to Phoenix…just kidding :stuck_out_tongue: !!

I don’t see anything too exciting about it. I delete email. If there’s something I want to keep, I have these silly attachments on my computer called peripherals.

Just an added thought, I bet email virus writers all over the world (for reasons probably linked to lack of the touch of a woman…that was mean, sorry) are writing something new just to mess with the whole BETA Gmail thing. Just a hypothosis of mine…I hope not, cause the last few that were traveling around the world really sucked!! :m:

I’d like a Gmail Account please, i send and receive emails with big sizes, and sometimes i dont find it easy to delete some files and lost all of the stuff, so if you would be so nice to grant me an account i’ll be very thankfull

Name : Eberth Manjarrez
Email: [email protected]

tnx in advance :wink: :azn:

Are footers allowed to be that big? You might want to shrink it down a bit. And is that Britney Spears?