The official Gmail Invite Giveaway thread

Edit:i have 8 invites to give away at this time

Ok every one. i have delited my other topic and strarted the offical gmail inivte giveaway thread.

any one who wants a Gmail invite Please type the info here:

Name (1st & last)

the people giveing the invites are allowed to be any.

any user of kirupa may give invites to the users on this page. once you get a Gmail invite. Reply to the thread telling us you have gotton it.

maybe this well keep the kirupa thead counts on gmail to small number. thx.

Gmails new users:

pual kawchuk
[email protected]

Sarah Jarvis
[email protected]

kristof camps

[email protected]

Benjamin Marte
benmarte [at]

Alex Zheng

[email protected]

Sharif Karim


no name

[email protected]

Ed Barlow
[email protected]

Johnny Staats
master64 [at] master64 [dot] nl

Stephen Stanton
[email protected]

Max Jackson
[email protected]

some dude
[email protected]

Dustin DuPree
[email protected]

Tony Poor
[email protected]

Mike Lawerence
[email protected]

Brian Johnson
[email protected]

i’d like one too…

me to :frowning:

[email protected]

if anyone is willing, I’d appreciate one. =)

contact AT

I sent ya one UNFLUX… :smirk:

Sent one to you matt (I made up your last name :)) Iloveitaly - I think the inviter needs your first and last name also!

very cool, thanks zak! :thumb:

If anyone’s got one for me
fei.claudio [AT] uol [DOT] com [DOT] br

Just sent you an invite claudio :slight_smile: I split your name into C and laudio!

getting some invites to send out sure would be nice…


Thanks kirupa =)

Yeah really. I sent out two invites a month or two ago and I haven’t gotten any more.

umm if anyone has any invites… my brother and my dad would like to join

Dad: [email protected]
Brother: [email protected]

if anyone has any invites…


I would like one if there is still any invites!
Jeff L.

I have 6 gmail invites to give away to the good people of the Kirupa Forums.

email me [email protected]

send your current email and your first name and last name… i’ll send the invite to that email address.


Kartik Dhar
[email protected]


Kartik Dhar - just sent it… ENJOY!

Ok guys… they went quickly

I have ONE more left

click on the link… ENJOY

I’m all out … if i get anymore I’ll post them here

EDIT: Internet disconnected, when I posted again, he was out. drat.

I found another…

If I get any other invites I’ll post them here