Hi there

i am having some problems
i want to use the scrollbar component for a dynamic text field in Flash MX i used the help of flash MX to do the entire thing but still th scrollbar is not working
can any one pls help me can any one tell me as to where i am going wrong
And i hope that i am not to early for queries on Flash MX
thanx in advance

Having pbs as well, I can’t even get the bloody text to load from the txt-file!

:lol: …

I haven’t looked at the MX help on that subject yet. I’ll check it out when I get home this morning.

Hey ebuprams,
Are you trying to make the scrollbar work when text from an external text file is being imported into the text field containing the scroll bar? If so, I have been unable to make it work either.

When you enter text like you normally would by typing the content in the dynamic text field, the scroll bar works perfectly.


Do you think this is an error or do you think it is intentionall supposed to work like this?

Can you add dynamic text when creating a scrollbar from scratch? I’ve heard it’s quite difficult and I believe it seeing what the scroll bar component adds to my library. Yikes.


It works nice’n’smooth in F5, check out pixelsensei (renaissance’ girls site) or the links part on eyezberg.free.fr (no www!) Not that hard either… You want it done, you want it to work? Do it yourself!

Kirupa, where t.h. do i have to put the mx scroller component?


The scroller component should be placed inside the text block itself (also make sure that you have “dynamic” for text type and “multiline” selected).

Thanks for the F5 info. I did not know that.


i am not using an external txt file to load and work from there
i am jus setting a varialble to the text field and using that variable to work with the scroll bar but it still doesnt work
can u pls help me on this