MX Scroll - How do i make it work?

Hi i would like to thank you for a wonderfull site…

Now on to my problem, i have tried following your guide on a project i am making, but cant seem to get the scroller to work.
I have a dynamic text field that is generated by an external XML document - i cant get the scrollbar to work here?? any suggestions?

You can get the .fla here

Hope to hear from you…


Kirupa was having this problem himself.

Seems like (at the moment) Flash MX can’t use the scroll component with an external text file…yet.

I would suggest learning how to make your own scroll bar (which is quite a hassle I’ve heard) or just use up down arrows (which is my choice since I try to chop text into smaller segments anyway).


I got the scrollbar to work with a dynamic text field that loads a remote text file into a variable in my movie…the only ****ter to the situation is that you have to update the _root screen so that the scrollbar can configure itself to the new site of the text box…which i am still trying to figure out…but i haven’t had time to work or think about it too much so im stumped for the time being