Hide/Show clip and remove last clip

Hello everybody !

just a subsidiary question regarding my animation.
it works very well : when I click on the button of each color, my clip colored a rectangle with the button color and write on it the color reference; when I click on another button (with a different color) it works perfectly, but the old result stays on the animation
my question is how to clear the results when I press the button

my code :

on (press) {
 resultat._visible = true;
 resultat1._visible = false;
 var colorful = new Color("_root.resultat");
 var colorful = new Color("_root.stickshapes");
 var couleur1="dragée 07 fini brillant";
 var couleur2="dragée 08 fini mat";

Thanks a lot for your answer and help
Françoises from Paris