On release = how to show or hide a clip

hello everybody !

I have a little question, very easy to solve for confirmed developers but not for a beginner as me !
I have 30 buttons, when I click on a button, the color of my image change and in a rectangle (clip named “resultat”) I get the same colour and its reference.
I write on the colour : the colour reference with a font and a colour for this font
In fact my colour font is white,
but when I select the button for white colour, you see my problem, my rectangle is white and the text of my colour reference is in white, so I don’t see the reference.
So I did another clip named “resultat1” placed in the bottom of my animation
In this clip, the text reference is written in black.
I use this clip for all the bottom with very light colour
So I see very well the reference
My problem is to say :
On_release this button
hide clip “resultat1”
show clip “resultat”

here below my button action script (I work with FLASH 8)

on (press) 
 resultat1=not visible
 var colorful = new Color("_root.resultat");
 var colorful = new Color("_root.stickshapes");
 var couleur1="rose 01 fini brillant";
 var couleur2="rose 02 fini mat";

Hope my explanation clear enough !
Thanks in advance for your help
Françoise from Paris