High resolution pics

the pics i import look fine when i’m editing my website in flash, but when i look at them with my browser, they’re often distorted and “boxy” looking (sorry…don’t know the technical term for this phenomenon). is there something i can do to fix that?

There are two ways of fixing it. The easiest method is to go to File | Publish Settings. From the Flash tab, adjust the JPEG quality to something much higher than 80. That will adjust the quality setting for all images that you have not manually set a quality setting to. Which brings me to my next point…

To set the quality setting for each image separately, go to the Flash Library (Ctrl + L). Right click on an image and select the command for Properties. Under the Compression box for JPEG, uncheck the box for “Use document default quality”. Enter a custom value from the box. You can press the Test button to see if the value you entered provides a good enough result.