Hiring an Actionscript developer basic questions


The company where i work needs to contract an Actionscript developer and needs to make 10 basic questions for the postulants, can someone recommend me some questions??

Thanks in advance…

hm…heres a few. probably the most obvious one:

  1. portfolio (what was your responsibility, references from the project)
  2. experience - years, types of projects
  3. interest in Flash/AS, why
  4. familiarity with ActionScript 2.0, including classes, interfaces, events, and component development

thats all ive got now. search around the web and see what companies are looking for in applicants, i.e. on job offers posted.

Are the questions meant to get to know the developer for which you’d use questions like attuned posted, or questions to test the AS skills of the developer ?

question 1)

“Who is Kirupa”.

no other questions needed :stuck_out_tongue:

^ :slight_smile:

yea ask that one too

hehe who is kirupa, is the first and more important… :smiley:

heh… well…
i need to evaluate the skills of the postulant…
and i think in ask about 10 basic [for an intermediate level developer] questions.

  1. Experience… ?
  2. Knowledge… ?
  3. Portfolio… ?
  4. Age… ?
  5. Height… ?
  6. How many mice (computer mice) has the person switched throughout his career in computers… ? (the more, the worse. pro’s don’t use mice =p)
  7. of fingers… ?

  8. of toes + fingers… ? ( just to make sure )

  9. What’s the most pressed key on that person’s keyboard? (If it’s Esc, he’s not the one)
  10. “Do you work for free?”


^ uh, lots of that is irrelevant, especially height, mice, and toes+fingers (unless its 0)